Greetings friends and fellow parishioners,

As we write this, we are hoping that Kofe is now safely back in the country and ensconced in MIQ (Auckland at this stage). We hope to have Kofe back with us by early February after completing her time in MIQ.

During Kofe’s absence from the parish we are fortunate to have the assistance of Rev. Ron Hay and Rev. Sue Patterson to lead Sunday worship over the next two weeks and we are most grateful to them for their time and help. The 10.00am service on 30 January will be led by the 11.00am worship leaders.

In the meantime, we will continue to hold Kofe and her family in our thoughts and prayers at this time AND pray also for Kofe’s home country of Tonga which has suffered combined damage from the tsunamis and ash layers as a result of  the volcanic eruption earlier this week..

The Anglican Missions Board has launched an appeal for Tonga, refer to the insert in this newsletter for more information

Claire and David

The Wardens