Weddings @ St Augustines

St. Augustine’s is a beautiful church with an intimate feel. This is a place of prayer, worship and joyful celebration of life; it is an ideal setting to seek God’s blessing on your marriage.


Music can be an important part of any marriage service. Music helps to create atmosphere, may be used to express something of your own taste and personalities, as well as providing accompaniment for any congregational singing. We have several options for providing music: our pipe organ may be used. We can provide an organist, or you may have another capable organist you can use. Other musicians may also be used to provide live music. Also, we have the facility to play recorded music through our sound system. It is a requirement that one of our trained technicians is used to operate the sound system.

What preparation is needed ?

At St. Augustines we place great importance on marriage preparation and take couples through a six week course designed to help you develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage. You will also be helped to put together the marriage service of your choice; there is considerable flexibility in the content of the service, so that it can express all that you wish on your special day.

Who can be married here ?

Being a place of Christian worship, it is a requirement that any marriage service held here will be a Christian-based service and that at least one of the couple is a baptised Christian. The Anglican Church holds to a definition of Christian marriage as being between one man and one woman, therefore same- gender marriage ceremonies cannot be held here.

Who can take the wedding service ?

Because a wedding held in St. Augustine’s is an expression of the ministry of this Church, it is expected that one of the parish clergy will officiate at the marriage service. At the discretion of the vicar, other licensed Anglican priests may be permitted to officiate. Anglican Church regulations do not permit others to conduct a marriage service in the church.

Holy Communion

Sometimes a couple want to include Holy Communion within the marriage service. This can be done for the couple themselves, or for the whole congregation.


Our team of floral artists provides arrangements in the church every week. They will ensure that these arrangements are in place for the wedding, and will discuss with you your preferences, colours, etc. You may provide additional arrangements if you wish. You may also provide and place other decorations in the church, as long as they are removed before the church is needed for any other function.

Photos & Videos

You are welcome to have photographs and videos taken in the church during your wedding. It is important that this is done in a way that does not intrude on the special quality of the occasion.


We have a data projector which is available for multi-media displays of photos, song words, etc.

Church bell

If you wish, the church bell can be rung at the end of the service, as you leave the church.


Standard Fee:

For the church, $500 – this covers all materials and facilities except for the specific charges listed below. Lesser charges apply for active parish members.
A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to confirm your booking, balance payable before the wedding.
Other Charges:
– Vicar (or other officiating minister) $250
– Organist (if required) $100
– Verger (if required) $50
– Hannan Centre (if required) $75
It is helpful for us if each amount is placed in a separate, labeled envelope and paid before the day of the wedding.

Seating capacity

The pews in the main body of the church comfortably seat 133 people. Extra seating can be placed in the back and sides, giving total seating for about 200.


There is off-street parking around the church buildings for 18 vehicles. It can be desirable to reserve the parks on top level for the bridal cars.

Other facilities

We cannot provide full function facilities, but the Hannan Centre (off the rear of the Church) can be available for small functions or as a mingling space for refreshments after the service. Moderate use of alcohol is allowed. Out of respect for neighbours there is a midnight curfew and reasonable noise levels are accepted. You would need to provide your own caterers and any equipment that you need beyond the basic equipment that is here.

Christian marriage

The Christian understanding of marriage is of a loving, sharing partnership. It is based on trust and faithfulness, expressed in romance and delight in each other, and lived out in caring for each other’s good. Christian marriage finds its source of strength in a couple’s shared faith in God and relationship with Jesus Christ. A Christian marriage service expresses this faith element and asks God to bless the commitment a husband and wife make to each other.

Get to know St. Augustine ’s

You do not have to be a member of this church to be married here. But your sense of connection with this place, its people and with God will be enhanced by attending worship here before your wedding. Then you will come to your wedding day feeling familiar and comfortable with this space – the place where you will take one of the most important steps of your life. We recommend Alpha as you look towards the step of marriage as this can also be a good time to think about what else is important in life.

We recommend the Alpha experience

Alpha is a 10 week programme exploring questions of faith and life in a relaxed, informal & unpressured way. It is excellent for those who want to think about and make up their own mind about Christianity. We run the Alpha programme at least twice during the year. Ask us about when the next Alpha couse begins.

Contact details

To make a booking for a wedding or to discuss details further, please Contact us. The parish clergy are also available to take Christian wedding services in other outdoor or indoor settings.