Thanks to Ron Hay for leading and preaching today.  Ron continues to open up the book of Romans for us.

Last week I mentioned how generous people had been with our annual day of giving.   As you read this we have a rounded figure of $34,700.00 which is fantastic!  When all donations have been received, we will then have the breakdown of monies allocated to the ministry areas.  You can still make a financial contribution.  Please contact Paula in the Parish Office 332-6627 Tues-Friday if you want to know more details.

I had a good time connecting with Matthew and Claire and they asked a number of questions about Parish life and some practical details of the shift.  They are very excited about their move to Christchurch and meeting up with St Augustines people.  They are still on track to arrive in January sometime with a likely start date of 01 February.  The little hold up is the granting of their Visas so they would appreciate prayer for that situation.  From time to time they will be sending over snippets of what is happening for them.  They are still very much part of the ministry team over there and have much work to do.

Helen and I are down south at present.  I will be back in the Office Wednesday 22 November.  For all Parish matters please contact Claire Bickers (942-7167) in the first instance.

As we move through the latter part of November I hope you are not too bogged down by the Christmas decorations and sales in our malls.  The season of Advent will be with us soon.



Interim Priest-in-Charge