We’re so excited, it’s getting closer and closer.  Christmas is not far away, and lots of the people we’ve spoken to have been talking about unprepared they are.  Still lots of presents to buy, and food to organise, even decisions about where to spend it! We’re no different and with family coming to visit it adds an additional excitement to our waiting!

As we follow the Advent journey together, we are listening and thinking about what the different nativity story characters knew about what was happening.

So today it’s the Angels, the ones that announced the good news to the different people – Mary, the shepherds etc.  What a responsibility and privilege it is for us to be able to tell people about the good news (the gospel) of Jesus.  Wow!  Let’s do that with excitement this Christmas, and with confidence that we trust in a God who is faithful and loving.

So today with the Scratch Nativity we will immerse ourselves in what it was like to be there in Bethlehem when Jesus was born – imagining the sights, smells, sounds and taste of a middle eastern town.  We’ll let our imaginations wander a bit, and ask that through this God will speak to us.

But of course there’s more – so look at the Christmas services and see where you’d like to join in, to help with and to invite friends and family to.  Remember we can be like angels – telling the good news to others.

And one of the other ways of doing this is our reverse advent boxes for the City Mission – its still not too late to take part and details are at the back of the church (and some empty boxes too!)

Blessing and Peace,

Claire and Matthew