Psalm 119:105 says:  Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path”.  This week at Vestry we read this verse, which I used to sing in school assemblies at my grammar school as a teenager.  Two thoughts come to me, one how songs and music help us learn the bible, and the other a reminder of Helen Roseveare.  She was a Doctor and missionary in the Belgian Congo (now Zaire). In her book Give me this Mountain I remember her speaking about being guided by God, and how it was like a car journey along a road in dense fog.  As you’re driving you’re guided only by the headlights of the car and the reflection from the cats eyes; one by one as they shine and reveal the road ahead.  This week we would encourage you to continue asking God for his light to shine on us all at St Augustine’s as we try and walk in the way that our Saviour Jesus wants us to.  Next week our gospel reading is Jesus responding to the question ‘How shall I pray?‘ as we look at prayer and the Lord’s Prayer.

Also a continued thanks to all who have been so generous – through reviewing your giving and through some practical jobs around the church (Alan, Tony, Derek and Ron amongst others).

We have a need for people to set up communion a Saturday ready for Sunday – it takes about 20-30 minutes and is a quiet, but important, way of contributing to Sunday worship

Please also pray for those in our church family this week who are ill or have loved ones who are ill.


Prayers and Blessings

Matthew and Claire