Welcome to St Augustine’s this morning.  We pray that you will find peace and joy worshipping here, and  that you  also enjoy being with us!


Emmanuel.  God with us!  Familiar words at Christmas but, hey, they are quite scary too.  Are we really saying that the creator of everything is here with us?  The one that knows us?  The one that is Prince of Peace?

Well yes we are saying that.  Well actually God is saying that.  Saying that he loves us so much he has come to save us, through Jesus being born as a baby at Christmas.

If that is the case then we should be expecting miracles because He is here with us!  We should expect healing and we should expect peace beyond all expectations.

So today, open yourself to God and let him speak to you, be willing to take a risk to respond to our amazing generous God.


Don’t forget next week service is the lessons and carols, and the Christingle on Tuesday and the Crib Service.  Why not invite your friends and family to share the Good News!


Christmas blessings and peace

Matthew and Claire