We’re still celebrating the Mid Winter Celebration meal last week.  Please see a separate note of thanks to all who made this possible – a fantastic team effort – thank you.  It was great also to welcome our friends from St Nicholas (South Christchurch) and Woolston!

I wonder what we should be working towards next?  Should we have a Spring Fair in September?  Should we have a spring ball with dancing (and yes we are practicing our waltz and foxtrot each week!)?  Should we organise a posh harbour dine and cruise at Lyttleton as a fund raiser?  And of course what about an Alpha course in Spring?  If you want to be part of a team to run and organise any of these then please talk to each other and let us know!

Last week we put the summary of the recent church meeting.   Just in case you missed it here goes again:

There were a number of observations and comments that were put forward.  Here’s a summary;

  • People are feeling positive and cheerful, and observed that the church is more welcoming and inclusive which is very good.
  • We still have lots going on that includes all ages, worship (3 different style Sunday services), pastoral care, homegroups, children’s and youth work.
  • We are enjoying getting to know one another better, and there is a continued need for hospitality with one another. The 5th Sunday all age combined services are good, and will continue.
  • With lower church membership we have less people (paid and unpaid), yet we are trying to do the same amount.  (We may need to consider what needs to stop or change.)
  • There is limited appetite to keep on discussing same gender issues at present (Motion 7/29)
  • There is an associated significant reduction in regular financial giving of approximately $10k per month.  We run into financial difficulty very quickly in September.  We therefore need to consider;
    • increasing our regular giving, (This equates to 100 people giving $100 extra each month – are you up to that challenge?)
    • reducing costs, or
    • fundraising through regular events (e.g. concerts, exhibitions, film club, garage sales, dinners etc.).
  • Praying for the church and one another needs to be revitalised. (As a start please use the daily prayer diary that was handed out last week and today.)
  • We need to be intentional in reaching out to non-Christians in appropriate ways.  So, who would like to co-ordinate or be part of a team to run an Alpha course in September, for example?

What do you think?  How do you want to be involved?  How are you going to pray and act to in the power of God’s Holy Spirit so that God’s transforming kingdom can continue to come and be shown in  Cashmere and our neighbourhoods?



Matthew and Claire