Last Sunday Claire Bickers announced the appointment of our new Vicar the Rev Matthew Ling and his wife the Rev Claire Ling who are from the UK. They will be arriving sometime in the new year with the intention of Matthew starting in the Parish early February.  It is exciting to know we are on our way into a new phase of church life and ministry.  Over the coming weeks we hope to have updated information and a video presentation from Matthew and Claire.  For now we have a note from them (in this News Sheet) and some neat pics of them and their family.  These will also be at the back of the church.

Our annual Day of Giving will be Sunday Nov 5th.  Your letter from the Wardens can be collected from the back of the Church today.  Our areas of need are listed in the letter. We ask that you prayerfully consider these needs..

Just want to mention a huge thanks to Alan Wills.  Alan and Shirley worship at the 8am Service and Alan has just recently repaired our brass altar book stand which we use for 8 and 9.15am Communion Services.  Thanks Alan for your wisdom and expertise in this.

We have received an urgent prayer request from Mike Dodge at Canterbury Youth Services regarding mental health with our young people in Canterbury.  He has asked if the churches can join together to pray for the well being of our young people and we will to do that in our services today.  Mike has also asked people to pray for our young people on a daily basis which I encourage you to do.

May the Lord continue to direct our hearts into Christ’s love.



Interim Priest-in-charge