‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in’

We read those verses in Matthew 25:35 in the Bible. And we know the challenge to us – when did we see someone hungry or thirsty or as a stranger?  We are called to follow the way of Jesus and that is a challenge, it requires us to step out and take risks and stand up for people who are unable to themselves.

So this last week or so I’ve been raising awareness of the refugees from Syria by accepting the Oxfam  ‘Ration Challenge’ (www.rationchallenge.org.nz). The challenge that I took was to eat and drink the same as a Syrian refugee based on food packs distributed to those living in camps in Jordan.  And to be sponsored to raise money for refugees.

Was it easy? Well, absolutely not, there wasn’t much food in the ration pack.  It made me realise how much we have in our cupboards and shops, and how tough it is for others.

Was it worth it? Yes, emphatically – yes!  I can only do a little bit, but with God’s help even that little bit is something worthwhile.

And the sponsorship?  A HUGE thank you to those who sponsored me – I raised over $1100 during the week. That’s enough to feed over 5 refugees for a whole years – that can change lives.  Together we can make such a big difference to others. Together we can help God transform lives.

So what next?  Well what do you think?  What else could we do at St Augustine’s?  Who could we help?  How can we help?  Who is hungry and thirsty or homeless around us?

Are they the obvious candidates?

Even in this coming week please ask yourself who you can feed, who you can offer a drink to, who can you show hospitality to?  It seems it’s a Jesus principle.  Perhaps we need to follow him more?


Blessings from 

Matthew and Claire