Are you enjoying reflecting on the Advent blessings of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love?  This Sunday we focus on Joy, and how good it is to do this after a very tough year in our parish.  We still have so much to be “joyful” about! I am aware of this as I continue the end-of-year thank ‘yous’ started last week to those of you who have worked so faithfully in our parish

I had every intention to individually name you all, but, you guessed it,  the numbers are just too many!  All I can do is list your role.  But know that you are not taken for granted.  And we are all very very grateful for your contribution to our parish life:  Wardens, Vestry, Treasurer and helpers, Organists, our Parish Secretary, Worship Group members,

Maintenance Workers, Men’s Fellowship Leaders, Flower Arrangers, Morning Tea workers,  Communion Servers and Preparers, Welcomers, Readers, Intercessors, Librarian, Home Group Leaders, Prayer Chain members.  Have I forgotten anyone?  If so, know that this speaks of my forgetfulness and not your faithfulness!

Several of you have commented about how much you’ve enjoyed hearing parishioners sharing something of their own Faith Journey in Advent.   I’m keen for this to continue in our combined 10am Summer Holidays Services.   I’ve spoken recently about how God gives different gifts to each person to build up the Body of Christ.  Here’s a call out to those in whom God has placed the gift of teaching and/or encouragement:  Do you have a subject burning within you that you’d love to share with your fellow worshippers for a maximum of 5 minutes?  Let’s call this series: What I’ve always want to speak about!  Please do advise me quickly if this is you, so your name can be rostered.  Don’t be shy about this! Remember: it is God who gives to some members of a congregation the gift for sharing in this way

And for those who have the gift and heart of hospitality, we need you to open your homes on Wednesday 8, 15, or 22 January from 6-8.30pm for a Parish Pot Luck Tea & Fellowship.  Getting to know each other a little more can be a precious thing in this season of recovery and regrouping.  Can you please advise me quickly if you are able to take one of these dates.    Then the rest of us will turn up with our main dishes or deserts or drinks or nibbles, and simply enjoy “hanging out” together!

Advent Blessings,