As we enter our 3rd Sunday in Lent, we focus on the overturning by Jesus of the market tables in the Temple. We tend to have this picture in our minds of Jesus being a gentle, empathetic and generous person; today we see an angry Jesus. A Jesus who is passionate about the holiness of His Father’s house and wanting to be a part of worship services.

Remember this is during the Feast of the Passover when many would make their way to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices to God and to worship him. The Temple and its surrounds would have been overflowing; the stall holders loud and raucous; buyers haggling and bartering at the top of their voices while animals of all sorts would have been neighing and braying and fighting for space in the heat and the dust.

Remember too, that this Feast was part of the norm; it happened every year and every year it got louder and louder. But it was part of the norm!

Can you imagine the commotion and the dust storm rising from the Temple courts that day? Lambs were running loose and coins were rolling all over the courtyard…and those engaged in profiting from the poor worshippers were running for their lives. It wasn’t an army or a gathering of the local magistrates but one man, with a passion for His Father, with a whip.

We must see something here. Jesus’ anger was not a sinful anger like ours.   We become angry when we are wronged but Jesus got angry when His Father was wronged.

How passionate are we for true corporate worship? Is it something to do when nothing better is going on? Or do we find ourselves anticipating and praying for the Sunday services? Are we excited to worship the Father in spirit and in truth or are we simply going through the motions? Our answer to these questions exposes our hearts before God.

May God continue to bless you as our journey takes us closer to the Cross of Christ

Your friend &Vicar, Kofe