Brrr, it’s a frosty day today as I write this.  It’s Thursday, when we enjoy  ourselves with our mainly music families.  So we will soon warm up with the dancing and actions of mainly music!

Another chance to warm up is our MID-WINTER CELEBRATION – sign up today to get your place booked!

We had a good Church meeting on Wednesday and we are pleased that David Heard was elected unanimously to be ‘People’s Warden’.  Thank you David.

Thank you also to the people who have donated generously towards the cost of a ‘Children’s/Family Worker’, roof repairs, relocation of a heat pump (in the Lower Hall), and a heater for the organists.  Thank you, all of you—you are amazing!

At the Church meeting we discussed many aspects of Church life including the need for hospitality and care for one another.  We also talked about the need to review our Church finances as our expenditure is exceeding our income by about $10k/month.  All and any ideas for fund-raising etc  – please talk to our Vestry members!

Finally remember that this is our fifth Sunday of the month so its an “All Age Combined Service” at 10am

With love, blessings and prayers

Matthew and Claire