We’ve been so appreciative of the welcoming way in which you have received us.  Every parishioner contact this last week or so has been heart warming and encouraging!  Thank you!

As John and I have been getting to grips with the various aspects of our roles, and had our first conversations with parishioners, we’ve sensed that the seeds of hope have been firmly planted in recent years.  And your anticipation for a strong future is intact.  Praise be to our miracle-working and omnipotent God!

We are blessed at St Augustines with two efficient and deeply committed Wardens.  Theirs is the responsibility of keeping the process going in your search for a new Vicar.

Do please read their insert about the Consultation carefully, and support them prayerfully and in attendance at this very important meeting on Sunday 20th.

Meanwhile John and I continue to feel privileged to spend the next months with you.  John can usually be found in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Christine on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  But do contact us by email or on our mobiles (numbers listed elsewhere in this newsletter)  at any time with pastoral needs and concerns, with any thoughts around the direction of our parish and especially if you sense that God has been speaking directly to you!  Your feedback is important to us as we endeavour to lead the parish through a significant time of transition.  Remember, you have all been reminded of the need to pray regularly for our parish during this time, but those on whom God has especially placed a larger ministry of prayer are encouraged to be strong and faithful in this area.  We need you!

With our blessings and prayers

Christine & John