This week’s fad on Facebook (and it’s a fitting one in Te Reo Maori Language Week) is What’s my name in Maori.  You simply write in your name, click, and the translated name appears.

What’s in a name?  Why is a name so important?

It’s given to us as a love gift from our parents who often will have poured through many lists to find their favourite sounding name, or perhaps waited till your arrival to find a name they thought best matched you!  In many cultures, it is through the name choice that parents express their hopes and dreams for their precious little one.

A name individualizes us, and separates us out from everyone around us.  And how important that is in a world where we can get so easily lost with so much busyness and so many foci calling for our attention.

The Scriptures reassure us that God knows our name.  (Have a look at Isaiah 49:1, Exodus 33:12 or Isaiah 43:1 for just a few examples if you’re interested in developing this further).  God knows us, and notices us.  Be comforted in this today.  Then pause and listen – and sense his calling your name

Arohanui/much love, with deep affection