I do hope everyone is keeping warm and dry.  Winter I guess is a good time to be beside a fire/heater and to slow down somewhat and maybe enjoy a hobby or a good book.

I find for me it is a time to catch up particularly on my reading and some deeper aspects of my faith.  I have been challenged by God on the time I spend in His presence and the need to daily wait upon the Lord in praise and in prayer.  So I encourage you to use the winter time wisely and perhaps more intentionally as we seek to grow closer to our Lord and to grow into maturity attaining to the full measure of the stature of Christ.

I continue to draw you to the website regarding information around the Cathedral and some of the reports for the Diocesan Synod as that time draws closer.  The website  www.cathedralconversations.co.nz  has good factual stuff  to help you keep up with the discussion.

Also of note this past week is that the Archbishops Group preliminary report on The Way Forward regarding the issue of Same Sex Blessings has been released.  You can find that report in on the Taonga website www.anglicantaonga.org.nz .  The report page also leads you to a couple of blog sites which picks up further comments. I hope you get time to read it.

Please continue to pray for our Parish Nominators Murray, Claire, Maxine and Duncan as the process continues for the appointment of a new Vicar.

As from this coming Thursday the 27 July through to the 5 August I will be taking some Annual leave.  For any Parish or Pastoral matters please make contact in the first instance to Claire Bickers (Bishop’s Warden) 9427167.



Interim Priest-in-charge