Well it’s a Labour weekend, so I hope the sun shines well on the things that you have planned!

This Weekly News-sheet covers two weeks as Paula is away from the office next week.

Our day of giving total has now gone through the $22000 mark.  So well done and thank you so much for your support for St Augustine’s Church.  You are (I think the kiwi terminology is) ‘AWESOME’!

With this news-sheet you will find the summary results of the survey that was recently sent out.  Over 70% of you responded which was much appreciated.  There are more detailed results on a board this Sunday at the rear of the church (or ask and these can be emailed to you). If you wish to discuss these please speak to Matthew or Claire or a member of Vestry.

In response to looking at the results we would like to encourage us all to continue following God and pray that His Spirit will gently lead and equip St Augustine’s Anglican Church to be the best that we can for Him.  This means that we can be positive as we reach out and welcome people; sharing the good news of Jesus.  We do understand that through this challenging time there is a continued need for us all to work and live together, understanding our differences, acknowledging the grief and sadness but praying and loving one another.

Our priority at present will be to continue to preach and teach on a wide range of Christian aspects of following Jesus, using the Anglican Church’s Lectionary readings as our guide; with an emphasis on mission and hospitality, and providing pastoral support to our church members.  In the lead up to Christmas there are many opportunities for us all to put welcome, hospitality and mission into practice.

Prayers and blessings 

Matthew and Claire