Yes, it’s the wedding we’ve all been waiting for. No not that low key one in the UK but Sue and Ted’s!  We want to welcome all those who are visiting to celebrate with us today at 11.00.  Its lovely to have you with us worshipping and celebrating.

Choosing Bible readings for a wedding is always interesting – listening to the couple’s views on which one is best and why.  We don’t know which one Ted and Sue have chosen but I was reading that popular one in in 1 Corinthians 13 this week, when my eye drawn to the chapter before.  In chapter 12 Paul talks about within the church we all have different roles – as if we were different parts of the same body.  He talks about how we need to work together and look after one another.  Paul goes on to talk about different gifts that we have, but continues into that great passage in Chapter 13 encouraging us to have God’s love permeating through our whole lives – impacting on how we live with one another, how we talk with each other, and how we walk together as disciples of Jesus.

And of course today is Pentecost – when we celebrate the Church’s birthday and the coming of the Holy Spirit.  And we are continuing to remember our place in God’s mission enabled through the Holy Spirit.  We will be challenged to be radically inclusive (do you remember that Bill Hybels book St Augustine’s read a couple of years ago– Walk across the Room?) and we are called to be multi-lingual as the first disciples were – with different ways of communicating to different cultures.

The Pentecost Prayer Posada sign up sheet is at the back of the church and the boxes need to be picked up today by the first people on the sheet to set the Posada in motion. It’s not too late to be involved.  The prayer stations you see around the church will stay in situ for a couple more days.  These all help us to spend time with, and listen to, God. We pray that all of us will listen carefully to find out where God is working and let us be sent out on His Mission.  The next session of the Mission Shaped Ministry course, that 30 people attended this week, is on Tuesday 26th May – there’s still space to come along.

Claire and I are on Clergy conference this week until Thursday, please pray for us. We thank all those at St Augustine’s who have supported us at the time of Claire’s dad’s death and contributed to helping us get to the UK. It was so good to be there; but an incredibly hard and sad time too. Please continue to pray for us and all those who have lost loved ones that’s God’s comfort will be present. We pray that at St Augustine’s we will be known as a community, a family, that loves those within and outside the church walls.

Blessings – Matthew and Claire