A reminder that Bishop Peter has offered to visit our parish this Wednesday the 13th at 7.30pm to speak about the implications of  Same Sex Blessings for our Diocese and, more specifically, our Parish.  The meeting will be held in the Hannan Centre and finish no later than 9.30pm.   Tea and coffee will be served from 7pm, as well as sometime during the evening.

To clarify:  Bishop Peter will not be speaking to the differing theological perspectives around this.  Probably all of us are wanting to move on from this!  As this Sunday we begin to focus on Looking Forward and Rebuilding our Parish, it is important, though, that we think through some of the misconceptions that continue to circulate about our own parish’s role in same sex blessings.  We each need to be well informed so we can help each other along on this challenging journey.  Feel free to invite anyone who you think would find this evening helpful.

There will be plenty of time for questions.  You may find it easier to submit yours before the night.  If so, just email or hand into the office, or to John or me.

So please – do your very best to attend as we work together to rebuild those of our foundations that have become rather shaky!    Let’s support each other well in rebuilding what has been, and will again be, a strong and safe gathering place where God is honoured as his people find where they each fit in the awesome task of building up his church!

God’s Peace, Christine