Welcome to St Augustines Church

Hi and welcome to St. Augustine’s.

St Augustines ChurchWe are delighted to share this place of worship with you. We hope you enjoy the beauty of the architecture, which is designed to honour God. Feel free to look around, sit, pray and soak up the tranquility of this beautiful place. Even more, we hope that you will get to know us and join in the life of this church family. We love to welcome and include people, and to offer something for people of all ages. This includes worship services of various styles, small groups that provide friendship and teaching, and many other activities.

Most of all, we hope that you may grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ – building your knowledge of God and being open to all that the Holy Spirit wants to do in you and through you. As a church, we are excited about the mission that God calls all Christians to – to be agents of God’s love and truth to a needy world. We believe that this is what the church exists for.

We would love you to become part of that with us. May the Lord bless you with His peace and grace.

From the Vicar, Sunday Nov 2nd 2014

The Halloween season has just passed, with shops seemingly carrying more monster costumes and related paraphernalia than ever.  Also, it was still October when Christmas decorations started appearing in the shops.  In the same way, Easter eggs and hot cross buns are sold for long periods before Easter weekend. There is this strange contradiction that as a society any religious elements in life are considered less and less important, while at the same time superficial aspects of a religious background are traded on more and more.  For us, as people of faith, there is something degrading about this – that our faith is not wanted, that God is rejected, that Christian views are regarded as out-of-date; but that it is considered legitimate to take symbols of our faith, water down their meaning, and cash in on the shallow representation that remains.  As we are now a few weeks away from the beginning of the season of Advent, and less than 2 months away from Christmas, I hope we can find ways to ensure that our celebration of these seasons has all of the depth that they deserve, and that the message of the Gospel is heard.

Yours in Christ, Philip