Happy Easter to you all!


We pray that the Easter message of hope and transformation will be one that changes your lives.

Over Easter weekend we have over 30 youth and helpers at Easter Camp.  Please pray for them that they will be safe and that they also will be transformed and encouraged by God through his Son and Holy Spirit.

What an amazing evening it was last week with Paul Jones (The Manfred’s) and Fiona Hendley.  Their testimonies of how God has changed their lives and is still working in their lives was amazing – to hear their gospel message encourages us to know that God changes us.  Thanks go to them for their generosity in giving St Augustine’s their time to spread the good news at the end of a busy tour.  Thanks too for those who supported and helped.

Next Saturday at 9.45 is our AGM.  We will start with croissants and coffee, and begin the meeting at 10.00am.  Its important to gather together, listen to what’s happed over the past year and look forward to the coming year. You will also vote for new Vestry members and a Church warden – these form with us the leadership team of the church.

Please consider if God is wanting you to serve St Augustine’s church in this way.  There will also be a time for discussion and questions.

There will be no news-sheet next week as the office is closed post-Easter, with Paula on holiday, and us taking a few days off too.  Our normal services will take place over the holidays – with a baptism on the 28th April at the elevensharp service.

The following week Claire and I are also away on retreat – part of our regular stopping to think and pray and listen to God.  It’s something that all of us need to do as we continue to seek to walk the way that God leads us as Jesus’ disciples inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Each and every day.

With Easter blessings and peace

Rev Matthew and Rev Claire

(P.s. Did you notice we didn’t mention Easter eggs or the Easter bunny once!)