Welcome to St Augustines Church

Hi and welcome to St. Augustine’s.

St Augustines ChurchWe are delighted to share this place of worship with you. We hope you enjoy the beauty of the architecture, which is designed to honour God. Feel free to look around, sit, pray and soak up the tranquility of this beautiful place. Even more, we hope that you will get to know us and join in the life of this church family. We love to welcome and include people, and to offer something for people of all ages. This includes worship services of various styles, small groups that provide friendship and teaching, and many other activities.

Most of all, we hope that you may grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ – building your knowledge of God and being open to all that the Holy Spirit wants to do in you and through you. As a church, we are excited about the mission that God calls all Christians to – to be agents of God’s love and truth to a needy world. We believe that this is what the church exists for.

We would love you to become part of that with us. May the Lord bless you with His peace and grace.

From the Vicar, Sunday August 30th 2015

The parish Women’s Camp is on this weekend in Hanmer. That will be a great time of deepening relationships, drawing closer to the Lord, and relaxing in the beautiful surroundings of that area.

As a result of so many of the women being at camp our music team at 11am will be an all-male group. So this will be the first live performance of the St. Aug’s boyband!

On Tuesday at 7pm in the Transitional Cathedral there will be a very helpful presentation on the issue of Euthanasia. This will be giving the arguments for caution on Euthanasia, arguments that do not get much coverage in public media. Unfortunately I have a clash and won’t be able to be there, but I do recommend this opportunity to for you to hear and think more about an issue which is gaining more traction in public debate and which we do need to think carefully about.

Yours in Christ, Philip