Combined Communion Service at 10am at St Aug’s

We have much to celebrate:

  • Our parish and parishioners have been relatively unscathed by Covid-19
  • Our appreciation of each other has grown markedly as we have got to know each other in new ways during Online Services.  God has empowered so many for this new form of ministry in many wonderful ways!
  • So many of us have experienced God’s grace in different ways during Lockdown
  • And then there’s the privilege of being together face-to-face again!


Many blessings

Please stay safe and reach out to us if you need help.
Key Contact Details
Reverend John de Senna, Co-Priest in Charge Phone: 022 679-0734  Email:
Reverend Christine de SennaCo-Priest in Charge Phone: 021 113-7178  Email:
John & Christine are available to offer pastoral support via phone (call or text) and email.