There’s a story of a fly looking around him or her wondering why things are blue as far as they can see. If they looked carefully they could make out some magnificent shading and brush strokes, delicate and breath-taking.  Even with it’s five compound eyes it was hard to take in this blueness and beauty of the patch on which it stood.  It’s only when the fly takes off that it would be possible to see the full nature of the Sistine Chapel’s painted ceiling, but even then this small creature would be totally unable to see it all, all the detail and structure of the vast art work. It makes us question what we are we part of?  In life we can only see just a small bit of what is around us or of what we are part of.

The apostle Paul says we only see a dim image of the world.

This weekend there has been meetings and prayer as we discern who is to be the next Bishop.  It emphasises that we are part of something bigger, something that goes beyond our individual beliefs, beyond St Augustine’s, as we are part of the worldwide community of Christians.

Today as we think of Jesus as the bread of life we remember how we come round the communion table celebrating our differences and also our unity, called to share in something that is bigger than ourselves, that transcends place, time and culture.

So this week let us remember as we praise together, learn from one another, worshipping a God who gives us life we join in with others across the globe as well as the angels from  heaven in God’s mission.

Please continue to pray for those in our church family and community’s who are ill or grieving loved ones.  Ask that our God may provide comfort and community for them at this time.



Claire and Matthew