Have you ever been asked, “Why do Christians celebrate Advent?”  My question is, “Why wouldn’t Christians celebrate Advent?”

Advent reveals God’s faithfulness in His promises. The world needs genuine hope as creation longs for Jesus’ return.  Advent helps us look beyond our current problems. Instead, we can focus on God’s promises.

Without Advent, we don’t get the opportunity to consider the beginning and end of our invitation on earth and the bigger invitation of being with Jesus forever.

In my parish visiting, I have noticed that there is a significant increase in social anxiety, panic disorder, and depression.  It’s clear that we need Jesus.  Through Advent, we can prepare our hearts for Jesus’ eventual return.

Our brains are naturally influenced by the overwhelming feelings of anticipation.  Especially by anticipation of what we truly believe is going to happen in the future.

For example, when a child receives a gift, they anticipate with excitement the next opportunity they get to receive a gift again.  In fact, we love anticipating family holidays, weekends, dessert, and many other things.

Within the Advent season, we can ask ourselves: What do our souls anticipate?

In Revelation 22:7 we read, “And behold, I am coming soon.  Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophesy of this book.”

Indeed, He is faithful and will be returning soon. The fact is that the preparation of our heart is up to us.  Then, we can continue to cultivate our faith, patience, preparation, and trust.

Advent provides an opportunity to look forward with anticipation through a filter focused on hope, faith, joy, and peace.  Unfortunately, the world is searching for these four themes through things that were not designed to satisfy our souls.  Through Advent, there is reassurance of His return.

Your friend & Vicar, Kofe