Last week, we looked at, and celebrated the faith God gives us, with which we are empowered to follow His Way and be part of His Kingdom growth.  Many of us were surprised by the fact that it is NOT the quantity of faith that should worry us, but the QUALITY of our faithfulness.

Over these last few days, I have pondered that faith which over the years, has grown this parish from a small gathering at a Retirement Village overlooking our city, to a fully established church on the hill of Cashmere.

And I am amazed when I think that those who built up our spiritual home of St Aug’s were willing to work their faith into the faithfulness of God in this sacred place!

This week, we look at how God remains faithful to us, even when we think He doesn’t care.  Imagine meeting strangers on the streets of our suburbs and healing them of their troubles!  The joy of these people who are healed! Imagine the acceptance they can once again enjoy!  Imagine the cleanliness they now experience!

And then imagine the smile on the face of our Lord when He is acknowledged….. even by just one!  I wish you all every blessing as we continue to use the faith we have, to do God’s work here on our hill, and as we give God back all the Glory for His faithfulness to us.

May God continue to bless St Aug’s and empower us all to stand in praise and adoration of His Works in this place.

Your Friend and Vicar, Kofe.