After such a long period of COVID restrictions, we can now prepare to move back into Communion of “both kinds,” so we are desperately seeking Assistants for our Sunday morning services.  This will allow us to have a roster of people willing to be chalice bearers with the Vicar at Communion time each week.

Many people are quite familiar with the communion chalice, but most have no idea why it is important in the Christian faith as well as it’s meaning.

Most of the time, a chalice is made from either gold or silver and decorated in various stones. Back in the day, the gold goblet was something that symbolized family.

Someone once said “When we look at symbolism, there can be a fuller, richer symbol or sign of that thing. Baptism can be done with water in a gutter.  It still does the same thing as baptism in a beautiful baptismal font and a beautiful white gown and all that. Nothing is lost in terms of grace imparted from the sacrament.  But the other goods of the sacrament are often the signs.  It’s kind of like ‘Why would a chalice be something that’s beautiful?’ Because it  signifies that it’s a vessel of the Blood of Christ.”

So, everyone who takes Communion can drink from the chalice to partake of the Blood of Christ.

The chalice as a vessel is treated with great reverence and is  kept in a sacred place.  Most of the time, when people hear of the word chalice or communion cup they automatically think ‘holy grail’ or the cup that Christ used in the Last Supper.

Please let the Vicar know if you are available and able to help her. Once we get enough names, we will then have a refresher course just to remind ourselves of our expected duties.