We are collecting:

  • Milk Bottle Tops
  • Wine Bottle tops
  • Blue Medical Masks
  • Chip Packets with foil linings
  • Plastic lids with numbers 2 and 5
  • Metal Can tabs
  • Metal lids from jars
  • ColgateToothbrushes, Toothpaste Tubes and Caps, Floss Containers,
  • Interdental Brushes and Mouthwash Bottles


These articles are taken to the Eco Hub at Richmond Community Gardens, 46 Vogel Street, and there is a link below to explain how they are being used.


  • Plastic Washing Powder Scoops:   Food banks buy washing powder in bulk and pack it into 1kg bags and add the scoops.
  • Plastic Bread Tags:   Their sale to a manufacturer funds wheel chairs for needy people in South Africa.


Please make sure everything is sorted, clean, and remove any paper or card inside lids.  Most of the work is done by volunteers and the easier we make it for them the faster they can send the articles off to their next life.


There will be separate labelled collection ’bins’ for each item (above) available each Sunday.  During the week, there will be one general bin for all items at the back of the Church.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic  support and help!

Maxine Kissling Ph: 338 4002