1. Entry point:  Through the Hannan Centre only.

Please sign in using the QR Code or the Sign-in Sheets available.


  1. Exit point: Through the front glass doors
  2. Masks: The use of masks is encouraged
  3. Singing: Join in the singing only if you have your mask on
  4. Sharing the Peace: Share only with an elbow bump or a wave at your neighbours
  5. Communion: This will be of One Kind – queue via the centre aisle to receive your wafer and then make your way back to your seat via the side aisles. No masks required
  6. Morning Tea:      There will be no morning tea offered
  7. Please refrain from gathering in groups within the church building
  8. Be kind to one another; be kind to yourselves.

The idea of quarantining sick people is not foreign to the Bible. It is a proven method to slow, or even stop, the spread of an infectious disease. It is strange to think, though, that approximately 3,400 years after Leviticus 13 was written, humanity’s answer to the spread of a pandemic disease has not changed much.

So remember……..

“You are the greatest hidden treasure.
Express and share your true feeling, the heart touching love without ever touching.”
― Srinivas Mishra