IRD Numbers!  Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who have elected to place your tax rebate(s) into the Church’s bank account!

(This choice can be made when you are completing your tax return(s)  Simply enter the Church’s bank account number (see below) into the return instead of your own… This is a simple (and relatively painless!) way of increasing your giving to the Church…)

However; IF you have done this, AND you want this action treated by us as an additional donation to the Church; – then you need to supply us with your IRD number.  As all IRD will release to us is your IRD number – NOT your name…  (Some of you have already supplied your IRD number from previous years, if so check  you can check with Paula in the office to see if she already has your number in her records.)

Again MANY MANY thanks to those of you who have already elected to do this!!  (And just in case –  here is our bank account number for any who still want to consider this option J : 06 0801 0052951 00)