This Sunday we welcome Bishop Peter to our services. Please make him welcome.

What a week it has been for the people of Christchurch.  We have been part of an unfolding story of bewilderment and grief.  This event has opened wounds and emotions have resurfaced that we had not realised were still there.

As Christians we have a part to play; our experience is one where restoration, reconciliation and healing are central to our faith.   We will face many challenges, and many questions.  The immediate challenges are how we show love to our neighbours; understanding the need to wrap our friends, family and community with Christ’s love.  To be confident to engage in conversation, humble to listen to one another, generous in offering hospitality and comfort.  To act as Jesus talks in Matthew 25; to provide clothing, food, shelter and safety.

We have been encouraged as many have reached out, and the City Christian leaders have met and declared their commitment to help one another and open up their buildings for prayer.  Many in our Church family are directly or indirectly affected, and we have being praying for you.  There are many opportunities to act – symbolically and practically – and we encourage you to take part.

 Next week we have our harvest festival service. This is a combined service at 10.00 and will be followed by a shared meal together.  We look forward to meeting and eating together.



Matthew and Claire