As many of you might know, our parish focus throughout the month of September will be on ourselves as a parish family.

In years past, we have concentrated on supporting the work of Missions overseas and outside our parish boundary.  This year, I invite you all to allow your hearts and minds to be centred on the work we do here at St Aug’s.  I am hoping that through prayer and teaching, we will know the call of the Holy Spirit in our lives and accept the challenges that God sends us.

In receiving the Holy Spirit anew, we will then be able to move forward together as a church, strengthened and renewed in God’s work. We will then be spiritually refreshed.

We will then be enthused and invigorated in a spectacular way to heed the call of our Maker and to make a difference in the culture that we live in.

I invite us all to move away from the Sunday routine of attending services, and towards becoming truly grafted as branches of God’s vine, allowing Him to prune our lives so that we too, can bear more fruit!  This, we will do through scriptural messages, prayer and deep fellowship with each other which will empower us to then go out again to serve our Living God outside of Cashmere.  Someone recently said, “This is Discipleship revamped!” Let us be revamped indeed!

I am excited about sharing September with you good folks: you have carried me, loved me and driven me over these last couple of years – let’s now do the same for each other; for all those around us in this wonderful home we call St Aug’s!

Remaining as ever, Your Friend and Vicar, Kofe