A community event hosted by St Aug’s. 

Date and time for fair:  12 March 2022, 1-4pm, vaccine pass required

Proceeds from sales to

Koha collected from repairs to 

What will be sold at the fair?

  • arts and crafts, such as photographs, paintings, bird feeders, pest traps
  • some food and coffee of course

What is the Repair Revolution?

The Repair Revolution is the art and practice of repair.  We turn our backs on throwaway culture and promote product stewardship.  Skilled volunteers will help fix your stuff and to teach you how to do it yourself.

Bring torn or holey clothes, stuck zippers, furniture, lamps, headphones and cables, sunglasses, appliances, electronics and gadgets, phones, computers (software or hardware), ceramics and pottery, toys, shoes, jewelry, blunt knives (to sharpen) broken plastic objects etc.

Would you like to be involved? Do you have art or craft pieces to donate? Do you have skills, or knowledge to help in repairs?

Talk to Thelma Kent, Andrea Murray or Lerks Stedman.