Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

 If you have a few, or many, plastic bread tags at home please can you bring them in over the next two weeks?  Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.  Our jar looks impressive already and we would like to see it reaching the top very soon so that I can drop the tags off at a nearby collection point.  

The cause is a good one, wheelchairs for people in South Africa who need but cannot afford one, and you can read about it in the link above.  At the same time, we are contributing in a small way to saving the planet for our children’s’ children.

Feel free to phone with questions,  Maxine Kissling,  Ph: 338 4002




But Wait!  There’s More!    

Richmond Community Gardens collect up several other things which we are reluctant to throw away knowing that there is probably a use for them somewhere.  At their EcoHub they have a system of melting and pressing plastic milk bottle tops into moulds for building materials.  They also accept other plastic bottle tops which are made of the same material..

We will have a set of labelled buckets at the far end of the Hannan Centre on Sunday mornings ready for your contributions. Even our blue medical masks are reinvented into something else.

Ask you friends, work mates and neighbours to add their contributions to yours and fill our buckets.  ‘You in your small corner and I in mine’ comes to mind.  Thank you for your help to reuse rather than pollute the environment.