The 11am home group that recently  organised the successful ‘food drive’ for 0800 Hungry are now organising a partnership with a South Auckland Church “food bank”; where we send them a church donation and they turn it into food for their

community which is currently experiencing hardship due to the extended lockdown.

Over the next month we ask you all to pray and consider what to give towards this ‘whip round’ and to deposit your sum into the St Augs account: 06-0801-0052951-00 . (Please put ‘0800 food’ in the reference field.)

We will then link up with the receiver and feed back the outcome to you.



WOW, two homegroups from St Augs and their respective contacts pitched in to respond to 0800 Hungry’s plea for more goods to cover a spike in their demand recently.
Check out the photos to see the fantastic results!
They want to pass on their thanks to all concerned not only to those donating goods directly but also those who gave generously to their account.
🙂Be assured that the operation was in accordance with current lock-down restrictions.🙂