After discussion with Vestry, it has been decided to postpone this event for now.

Lockdown and Covid 19 have impacted everyone, and understandably very few people want to get involved when there is so much uncertainty.

However, it is still hoped that the event can possibly be held next March when hopefully we will be in Level one again.

So be encouraged all you creative people, and hopefully plan and prepare for that!  It would be wonderful to see us all come together for an event towards the end of summer.

In the meantime you can still contact Thelma Kent or Andrea Murray about it (contact details below) we are more than happy to listen to ideas!  And when we are back in church again, this will mentioned in the notices and we may also plan a get together between services for those interested.


Thelma Kent:   ph 337-5140; Cell 021 153-5321

Andrea Murray: ph cell 027 732-4877