– it is a shame we will now not be able to visit during Missions Month.

 “Miriam has been able to continue to work in the Pharmacy at Hope Hospital in Mango in Togo, West Africa.

Medical supplies have been hard to come by and it can take up to six months for containers to arrive from Europe because of shipping disruptions so careful planning is essential.  Previously short lifetime drugs like cancer medication could be hand carried in with arriving short term staff but mostly they are not able to come now so they are often short staffed.

The country has been in near continuous lockdown but Hope Hospital has been able to get special permission to run their van to the capital Lome in exchange for carrying Covid test swabs from the Government Hospital for analysis.

Some restrictions have eased so they are able to run church small groups although there have been no large gatherings for the last 15 months.

The education program for girls has restarted – necessary because education is usually reserved for boys while the girls look after younger brothers and sisters while the parents work.  So they run a creche for the younger kids so the older girls can study.


Miriam has had Covid and then a few weeks later received her vaccination shot which is the equivalent of a double shot vaccination.

Her symptoms were mild and she has now fully recovered but still has issues with malaria.

An item for prayer is that she is returning to New Zealand in December to renew her pharmacy qualification which has to be done every three years.  Slots in the MIQ system are currently unavailable and the Government has announced a change to the system so that it will effectively be a lottery.

It would be good to see a priority system implemented so that returning medical staff get a higher priority than holiday makers and that Miriam is able to obtain a return slot at least by January.”