While our organ is is being overhauled by the South Island Organ Company we will be using the grand piano.  And what a wonderful instrument this is!  It is on loan to us from Lois Allan and daughter Andrea.  And as a parish we are very grateful to them for their generosity.

The piano is a world class instrument made by Blüthner of Germany, which is comparable to Bechstein ,Steinway and other famous names.  It has one unique feature which is designed to give more resonance to the very top octave on the keyboard.  Instead of the usual three wires for every note in that octave the Blüthner has four.  The hammer hits three, and the fourth is of slightly thicker gauge and resonates above the three.  The result is very effective.

It has just been expertly tuned and we are indeed fortunate to have the use of this piano while we have no organ.