Beanies for Waltham School:

A dear friend and experienced knitter has offered to knit beanies for the children at Waltham School.  She has made three already which are perfect, but she would
appreciate offers of unwanted wool or contributions towards the cost of buying more wool.   Each beanie takes 1x100gm ball or 2x50gm balls of 8 ply (double knit) wool.   (Spotlight have regular
sales of wool).

If you can help, please contact Lois Allan – 3224686 or 0277868724.

Old Dolls Knitting Patterns:

Francie Schultz has a friend who knits clothes for dolls that are then gifted to children in need.

To continue this worthy work she needs more dolls patterns (that are between 6” & 11”).  If you know of any, please contact Francie: 021 222-8686