We have received the following request.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to help out these two lovely people.  They have forwarded a photo and amazing references.   Do contact me for more information or to look at their references  Christine

My daughter Rose and I are returning from Australia to live in Christchurch from Dec 2020/Jan 2021. We are NZ citizens who have lived in Coffs Harbour Australia for 14yrs.

We are both long term Christians, who serve faithfully in our local church. I work as a therapeutic masseuse and my daughter is a beautiful 16yrs old violinist who will be studying.

We are looking for a two bedroom granny flat/apartment/house to rent long term in Christchurch. We are honest, reliable, hard working Christians who don’t smoke, drink or party. We keep our home tidy and immaculately clean. We have excellent references.

Maria and Rose Light