Recently your Synod reps. spent a very different Friday sitting in front of the TV in the Hannan Centre (oh joy).  Because of all that has gone on this year the decision was made to hold the annual Diocesan Synod via Zoom. It went well with no major glitches and much effort had obviously been put into the preparation.

The Bishop’s opening address covered aspects of disaffiliation, the re-generation of the Diocese and how it has been affected by Covid. The Bishop sees the next ten years as a time to re-focus, support families and strengthen communities.  A draft Diocesan Mission Action Plan will be presented to next year’s Synod. The full address may be read on the Diocesan website.

Other business included changes to the Ethics Statute to tidy up the complaints procedures with Rev. David Coster appointed as the new Diocesan Monitor.

The way Quota is established for parishes is to be re-assessed and the findings presented next year. The Diocesan Mission target for 2021 has been set at $200,000.

Reports were given by CPT, City Mission and Anglican Care.  A motion unzipping two districts from the Parish of East Christchurch was passed with the Parish of Shirley now to include Marshland and Burwood.

Information regarding progress on the Cathedral was presented – if you visit the new library in town it is possible to look down on the site and see some of the work being done. The Anglican Centre will be moving back to the city mid-2021, to Cardale House in Tuam St.

It was a long day with plenty of business done. Hopefully next year will see a return to the usual gathering of people.     Alexa and Claire