From Liz Hay, Prayer Co-ordinator

The 9.15ers are underway with their intercession roster, and I’m working on getting one in place for 11am (please let me know if you would like to participate.) There is a desire also to offer prayer-in-the-corner again, during communion at 9.15, so that will be my next focus. Again, anyone who would like to participate, please let me know by email.

It’s always good to learn from those who have led a life of prayer. I came across this quote from Mother Teresa, which I’m going to try and put into practice more.  “I always begin my prayer in silence, for it is in the silence of the heart that God speaks. God is the friend of silence – we need to listen to God because it’s not what we say but what he says to us and through us that matters. Prayer feeds the soul – as blood is to the body, prayer is to the soul – and it brings you closer to God. It also gives you a clean and pure heart.

A clean heart can see God, can speak to God, and can see the love of God in others.” From A Simple Path


And everyone, do pray on for the person God is calling to be our next vicar.