Dear Parishioners – We are needing to boost the number of people on our flower roster and would like to recruit up to 5 people to help. There is no need to have prior experience, (take it from me, when Istarted I knew nothing about flower arranging at all). Those of us that perform this task will be only too happy to give a lesson or two if needed. We would be happy to have males and females volunteer and if we can boost our numbers back to 10 from the current 5, it would mean that at most, you would be asked to do an arrangement 2 weeks in a row only 3 times  in a year.  Flowers are often available from parishioners gardens, and for special occasions (Easter and Christmas), flowers are purchased from local suppliers. If you think you can help or would just like to chat about it before making your decision, please phone flower conveners Crystal Munro 332-3813 or Rosemary Grigor 332-8288.

Nb; from now until Christmas the Moffatt family are donating flowers to the Church in memory of Helen Moffatt.  This lovely gesture is very much appreciated!