While we have only just welcomed John and Christine de Senna as our Interim Priests-in-Charge we now need to focus on matters that need to be attended to regarding the appointment of our new Vicar.

On Sunday 20th October 2019 there will only be one service that day at 9.00am, followed by a quick cup of tea and the consultation will begin no later than 10.30am and it is planned to finish by 12.30pm.  The consultation will be chaired by Edwin Boyce, the Diocesan Manager, and Rev. Stephanie Robson, Diocesan Ministry Educator.

This consultation is the first step in preparing a Parish Profile which will include:

  1. Our Vision Statement.
  2. A history of the Parish.
  3. Our current Parish Life.
  4. Details of our current Worship Services.
  5. Our links and partnerships to the Community.
  6. Future Parish Life.
  7. The Attributes we are looking for in our new Vicar.
  8. A map of the Parish boundaries.
  9. A summary of our Financial Performance as at 30 September 2019.

We urge all parishioners to both give this matter your prayerful support and make every effort to attend this meeting as the success of this consultation process depends on the input from a wide cross-section of our parishioners.

A series of questions has been forwarded and we are asked to consider these in preparation for the consultation:

Part 1.

  • What are 3 things as we as a parish do very well?
  • What are 3 things where we need strengthening?
  • What do you value about parish life?
  • What are our dreams for what we will become?
  • What links or partnerships do we have with the surrounding community?

Part 2.

  1. What kind of employment package is the parish able to offer?
  2. What issues and/or concerns is the new leader going to have to address?
  3. What kind of flavour does sacramental worship take in this parish? (What matters when it comes to worship services, preaching, visitation, frequency, location and style of services? How high up the candle?)
  4. What are the non-negotiables for this parish?

Parishioners who are unable to attend the consultation will be able to submit written answers to whoever is writing up the parish profile.

Once the Parish Profile has been drafted and approved by Vestry it is forwarded to the Diocesan Office to be reviewed/ amended by the Bishop before being attached to the job application.

Claire & David