To: The Lovely people of St Augustine’s Church.




Dear All.


In the last few months, I have been approached by the Baptist church, and they have requested me to lead a team in planting a church in Halswell (Halswell Baptist Church).  After praying and wrestling through this, Anna and I have strongly felt this is the next step in my ministry Journey.  This has been a long journey for us, and we did not make this decision lightly.  In Light of this, I humbly request to step down as the youth pastor at St Augustine’s Anglican Church.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and loved being part of the St Augustine’s family. Thank you very much for taking the bold step of finding a youth pastor from a foreign land, and entrusting me with so much over the past five years.  Thank you for the constant support you have shown to the youth ministry and to me personally over this period of time.  We would certainly not be here was it not for your love, prayers and support.

I would like to specifically say thank you for the support offered to me as I applied for residency, and the support I received when we had my brother’s bereavement in 2015.  May God richly bless you.

I plan to finish at the parish on the 31st Oct 2019, (I will be around on the 3rd November) as we work toward setting up the other church.  I hope that we continue working together for the growth of the ministry in the future, and that the mutual love and respect we have with each other grows even stronger.


With Love and blessings,

Martin Kariuki.