This year’s appeal is focusing on two NZCMS Mission partner families:

  • Andy & Shona Miller with their children Aliana, Jeshaiah Elias in Cost Rica

The Miller family believe that God is continuing to quicken the Church in Latin America to send thousands of people in a missionary movement to the most unreached people in the world.  Andy & Shona see their role as working alongside this move of God through mobilising, networking, training and interpreting.


  • Neil & Rebekah Dunbar and family in Cambodia

 Cambodia is a youthful nation with a rapidly rising urban population and rate of development.  Still in recovery from its recent turbulent past, this predominant Buddhist nation is in desperate need of the Good News of Jesus.  Neill & Rebekah are excited to see what God has in store as they serve and disciple members of the developing Church.



To donate to both or either of these causes, either include your donation with your regular offertory envelope – with a note on the outside indicating ‘what is to go where’.

Or place a separate envelope in the offertory plate (remember to include your name if you want this amount included in your annual tax receipt).

Or, you can do this on-line via internet banking.  (Again indicate ‘who it is for’ in the reference/code fields.)