Do you, or do you know someone that fits the following profile(s)?

If you can help, PLEASE let Matthew know!

Vestry Members need to be:

  • Personally committed to Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • Regular in worship and actively involved in parish life.
  • Share the Parish Vision for the direction and growth of the church.
  • Have an appreciation of the breadth of ministries happening in St. Augustine’s.
  • Bring skills to contribute on the major issues and direction of parish life.
  • Able to work as part of a team, both by listening and contributing.
  • Available to attend monthly meetings (usually 3rd Wednesday evening each month).
  • Available for other planning groups from time to time.
  • Staff members are not eligible for election to Vestry.

People’s Warden needs to have the above attributes plus:

  • Have an appreciation of, and support for, all of our worship congregations and ministries.
  • Help ensure good communication between parishioners and parish leaders.
  • Meets regularly with the vicar and vicar’s warden.
  • Has responsibility as a parish signatory and for care of parish assets.
  • Has a key leadership role within the parish.