Dear St Augustine Friends                 Ref: 052109

“Wow . . . thank you for your generous gift to FEBC – Klassen Tour 2019 – Liang You, which will help keep Gospel programs on the air … reaching potential listening audience of 3 billion every day! This is from one of our listeners . . .

“I was very happy to listen to your radio Bible dramas for the first time, even though my family is very hostile towards Christianity. Your programs help me understand the Gospel. I believe Jesus is my Lord and my faith in Him grows every day.  Thank you”

Your ministry partnership helps reach people through AM and FM radio.  MP3 Speaker and TV Boxes, Smartphone Apps or the Internet, while others can tune in through satellite broadcasting or shortwave.  But the message is always the same: God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is available to all who believe in Him. Now that’s a message worth sharing!

I’m so grateful for the impact you’ve made possible in the life of this listener.  We’re so grateful to be partnering with you in this work of the Lord.

Many Blessings for 2019 Cassandra James (Financial Officer)


St Augustine’s received a receipt for $715:00