Vestry meets once a month, normally on the 3rd Wednesday.  Minutes are available for any church member to look at – and to make this easier we have put copies on the noticeboard at the back of the church.  If things don’t make sense then please ask!

Last week we discussed a number of things – here’s a brief summary of the discussion and decisions made:

  • Apologies were received from some members for the meeting, and we acknowledged the resignation from Vestry of Richard Howe, who was thanked for his work.  His resignation letter is available at the back of the church.
  • Families and children worker vacancy – one interview had taken place which was unsuccessful, so we are still advertising. If a suitable person is found then we need to find additional finance to support this role.  Rev Claire is to do one extra day to help support this and the Thursday Mainly Music.  More volunteers will be needed to cover gaps in services such as Arc and children’s programme for it to run.  Vestry asked if Youth Group could also help each Sunday.
  • Derek Allan reported on the work of the Property group (which includes Derek, Ron Parry, Stuart Munro, Tony Harcourt and Alistair Phillips). Issues included minor repairs, spouting on the church, clearing growth of vegetation, and some electrical work.
  • Vestry approved the purchase of a secondhand amplifier for the church sound system at a cost of $800 as the old one had broken down.
  • A donation had been received to provide a heater to keep the organist warm.  The electrician was being asked to install this. Thanks were expressed by the Vestry for this generous donation.
  • Rental income from Hall would be improved this financial year to approx. $9000.
  • Vicarage: CPT had several recommendations regarding the Vicarage and Stuart Munro was following these up. Costs were being sought for retrofitting of double glazing costs – for cost reasons a staged approach may be required.
  • Finance was a significant discussion item. For 2018 there has been a $21000 deficit. This is attributed to approx. 60 people leaving St Augustine’s over the last year as a response to Motion 29/7.  For 2019 the revised budget will give a predicted deficit of $59000.  Diocesan quota has also increased. A letter has been sent to Diocese Standing Committee requesting a contribution to help.  Vestry identified that we need to look at ways of increasing income.
  • Vestry reviewed attendance data. There has been decline in attendance over a number of years, but obviously more pronounced over the last year.  Discussion about the 11.00 service took place following the previous evening’s meeting.  Agreed to relaunch it as ‘eleven sharp’ but recognised the increased commitment needed of those who were part of that congregation.
  • The Christian Community (from Motion 29/7) was discussed, recognising that the full constitution had now been approved by General Synod. Vestry agreed to have a watching brief on this as more details of what and how it would work became clearer.
  • The meeting finished with prayer.

The next meeting is Wednesday 20th February at 7.30 Hannan Centre.