How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news – Isaiah 52:7

 Paddy and Trusella: “surprising progress yet daily deep & very real battles.  Court cases stagger along. In the main case the police “lost” the image of one of the girls also the statement from a five year old.  They don’t even have the phone which took the image.  They lied about the location of the file.  Our team were “blown away” when the girls spontaneously wanted to speak at our very first Samaritan Gambia Campaign “Say no to Sexual Abuse.”  They also did a spontaneous drama after the Team did theirs.  Surprising progress amidst daily deep & very real battles. God gave this country its freedom only last year.   As with the aftermath & recovery of an earthquake it will take at least a decade of discipline, professionalism, care and compassion to emerge in schools, government departments & society as a whole – Please continue to pray?

To view the remainder of the extensive email please do ask – Ed.

Our Friends in Central Asia: “We have been grateful for many things over summer: special family times prior to Reuben’s departure; kid’s playdates & sleepovers with friends; air conditioners; our car returned after 5 months repairs; raspberries & strawberries, melons etc.  Camping at the lake without rain, hail, thunder.  Even had some sunshine!  Please pray us both; wisdom as we continue balancing life & ministry here, for our relationship to be strengthened & deepened daily & that in all we do  we might be salt & light in this place.”   P.S. A full copy of this informative email is available by asking – Ed.

McCormick’s: November will have been a busy month for both Anne & Anthony.  Anne will have hosted a team from the US. She has Occupational Therapy students from Australia.  She will also assist the Handa Academy in their arts & craft programme a few mornings this month.   Anthony has two trainings for local NGO’s, both one week’s duration, one week apart.  Pray esp. for energy and focus during this busy period.

Neelam’s India: Please remember Finny and Latha at this busy time of the year in the bookshops.  Pray also for their daughters as they transition from student to adults.  Pray God would guide their thoughts and directions as they enter the big wide world of adulthood, seeking career opportunities & friendships.

Nathan Hazra – Morrison Home: Pray for Nathan & Sabita, their day by day lives and community service.

NZCMS: Remember Steve Mainer & family at the end of another busy year.


I love this poem by Luci Shaw:

Down he came from up,

and in from out,

and here from there.

A long leap, an incandescent fall

from magnificent to naked

frail, small, through space,

between stars,

into our chill night air,

shrunk, in infant grace,

to our damp, cramped earthy place

among all the shivering sheep.

And now, after all

there he lies,

fast asleep.