– November 2018                  Est. 2007

   How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news – Isaiah 52:7

Our Friends in Central Asia: Please continue to pray for our adopted Parish Family serving on the top of the world with family dynamics beginning to change.  PP that we would get some up-to date news for next months report.

McCormick’s: Anne has a World Race team assisting her at present.  Thank God for these young people, their willingness to get involved with activities & card making.  Pray for good interactions for all with patients and caregivers.  PP for Anne currently attending to details & planning opportunities for service for a group of 30 coming from Middleton Grange School, first half of December.   She is also hosting two ladies from Care for Cambodians soon & an Australian volunteer for 5 weeks, followed by a team from YWAM.  Squeezed in the middle of this is a 3 night stay in Thailand necessitated by the need to acquire a new NGO visa – busy times!  Anthony is also busy.  Currently preparing to deliver two weeks of training, one week apart, to an NGO in Battambang.  He has been asked to train their staff from Phnom Penh in the future.  They will travel to Battambang for this training.  All this is in addition to a monthly training he does for another NGO.  In between, Anthony and his translator are constantly preparing ongoing workshops with new topics.  Thanks for your prayers – they are appreciated!

Neelam’s India: PP for timely completion of 2019 Calendars, that delivery times will be met & for good Christmas sales through the bookshops.  Please pray for Blissy especially, that God would honour her plans to attend DTS course with YWAM in NZ this summer.  Pray also for Erica in the follow-up from her DTS outreach in Cairo recently.  Uphold Latha & Finny as they supervise.

Akesters: Recent reports indicate Kondoa Bible College is full to the brim with students.  They are asking that God will provide for their needs of additional staff and beds (14 bunk beds are required) as well as energy to provide challenging teaching.  We would appreciate prayer for us as we are still trying to re-settle here at home in Rangiora.  Spring brings much new growth which requires attention, not just admiration.  We are hoping to be visiting support churches in the North Island in November.

NZCMS: is saddened to announce that on October 22, Reverend Keith Mitchell passed away peacefully at home.  Keith was a beloved husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather. He & his wife Joan served as Mission Partners with NZCMS in Pakistan for 34yrs 1958-1992 Keith will be remembered by many as a truly dedicated servant of God.  A poignant memorial service was held in the crowded Transitional Cathedral, Thurs 25th Oct – RIP Keith!

Nathan Hazra – Morrison Home: “Greetings & thank you for prayers and financial support. Our 3 day revival meeting went well.” Please find copy of this informative email on Mission notice board – (at rear of church).

AMB Spring Appeal – 2018.  This year our focus is on supporting three important projects:

  1. Anthony and Anne McCormick, based in Battambang, Cambodia;
  2. The Diocesan Boys’ Hostel in Pakistan;
  3. NZCMS Mission Partner, Dawn Daunauda, who is serving in Vanuatu.

Please place your donation in an envelope marked AMB Spring Appeal 2018 and place it in with the regular offertory.  – Thank you!