How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news – Isaiah 52:7

Akesters: Peter & Christine are thankful to the Lord for safe travel during their trip home to Rangiora via England. They report Kondoa Bible College is bursting at the seams with 52 students. This has put stress on all resources. Lack of beds, desks & chairs & no extra staff. May God answer their needs!

Our Friends in Central Asia: Write – “Thanks for your prayers & support, some good things happening. Reuben will spend one year at Bible College in Hungary, departs September, then to NZ for tertiary study.  PP for our family in all of this.  Please also pray for our financial provision in relation to these developments – we are trusting for Gods’ provision. We are still open re possibilities of hosting a Team here at some stage” – Blessings Corin Family

 McCormick’s: “We are both doing well in our programmes & in life generally. Anthony is doing a lot of training at the moment – twice a week with a group of YWAM Staff & once a fortnight, individuals from various NGOs.  Pray for energy & focus for Sothea his translator & also for the Khmer students that they would grasp the concepts virtually unknown here.     PP our visas will be issued forthwith” – Anne & Ants

 New Kids on the bloc: Introducing Kiwis, John & Mary & toddlers Jake & Rach. Within the Himalayas, a literal city on a hill borders five largely unreached countries.  Mary, John & family are joining a team there, focusing on discipleship & training young adults. See flyer on notice board.

 NZCMS: “I am very excited to be a part of the NZCMS team & can’t wait for the various ‘communications officiating’ that I’ll be doing by spreading the vision of mission to New Zealand & the world. Many blessings, Jairus Robb.”

A new way to pray: The acronym BLESS can stand for: Body, Labour, Emotions, Social and Spiritual.  A guide in our prayers for others claims Jairus Robb.

Try the BLESS way as you pray for our Mission Partners:  BodyP for physical health and nutrition; LabourP for their work; EmotionsP for their emotional health & well-being; SocialP for their relationships; families & extended families; SpiritualP for their spiritual wellbeing – Jairus Robb.

 Neelam’s India: God has been so good!  Blissy, aged 23yrs, passed MBA. Initially she did not want to study but friends prayed.  Currently pursuing MSc Psychology.  Recently taught school children leadership skills, bringing out their talents via activities.  Erica is in Cairo as part of her YWAM outreach plan until  Nov. The team of 11 individuals are sharing Gospel with Sudanese & Egyptians.