How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news – Isaiah 52:7

Our Friends in Central Asia: Please pray for our friends in their work, schooling, and leisure time esp. for safety; health and progress.

NZCMS: Responding to a request re motion #7. Statement by our Board/Council. The Society (NZCMS) is sensitive to the differences of opinion on matters of human sexuality among the constituent bodies that make up the Anglican Communion.  We acknowledge that this is a source of sorrow and pain to the body of Christ.   We hold to the authority of scripture and the centrality of Jesus.  Therefore we affirm the clear biblical belief that marriage is between one man and one women.  We affirm as did the Primates in their January 2016 meeting communique’ that: “God’s love for every human being is the same, regardless of their sexuality, and that the church should never by its actions give any other impression.  We seek to work with those called by God to serve in mission globally, whether in the Anglican tradition or not, who affirm our statement of faith, vision and values.  We also recognise that the majority of our partners overseas hold a conservative view on issues of sexuality.  We will endeavour to avoid anything that would negatively impact our relationships and the witness of the Gospel among our partners. Approved by NZCMS Trust Board 25 March 2018

Akesters: Peter was preaching at both services on Sunday and continues to be asked to sort out many problems arising in the Diocese. I have the job of trying to work out what to pack, give away, throw away or sell.  Our biggest concern is to be able to hand over well to the new College Principal. Please pray for our replacement Principal yet to be decided on by our Bishop.  New academic year commences in less than two weeks.  We depart Friday 3rd Aug flying first to the UK spending time with Peter’s family.  We fly Singapore Airlines to ChCh arr: 9:30am Friday 24th August. PP for safety in all our travels.  Thank you for your interest and support – Peter & Christine

Revd. Nathan Hazra: Dated 10th July – Greetings in Jesus name. Money has been credited in to our account.  Please convey regards to all the members of the church and praise God those who are constantly praying for us. Praise & Prayer

Neelams: Greetings from India.  Blissy our eldest daughter successfully completed her MBA. Erica completed Engineering and is currently in Switzerland enjoying YWAM Course & has made good friends.  Blissy is awaiting her NZ visa. Her course will start in October in Tauranga. P.P. for our daughters.  PP re visa for Latha as she is undergoing a week long Aayurveda treatment for a skin allergy.  We have tried all kinds of medicines to no avail!  PP for our two daughters as they contemplate marriage in the ensuing months and years ahead – for suitable young Christian men.  Thank you for your prayers!

McCormick’s: Recently enjoyed a two week break in Thailand which included a five day silent retreat scheduled so as they would be out of Cambodia during the national elections at end of July. Please pray that the people of Cambodia would enjoy peace and stability during this time and receive wise government.  PP also for Anne & Anthony’s long-term NGO visas.