Following their meeting on 18 July 2018 the Vestry have made the following statement. This statement was approved by the Vestry.

  1. St Augustine’s is a parish of the Anglican Church of New Zealand and has been here in Cashmere as a faithful witness to God for over 100 years.
  2. The Anglican Church in NZ has recently made the decision to permit the blessing of same gender relationships, in some circumstances (Motion 29). There is a wide range of views within the Anglican church and within St Augustine’s on this decision.
  3. Blessings of same gender are not permitted in any Anglican Church in this Diocese including  St Augustine’s at this time.
  4. This situation will only change if our Diocesan bishop, when appointed is willing to give a licence. This would be their decision on request from a member of the clergy, in consultation with Vestry.
  5. Our ministers, Matthew and Claire, have expressed their support for Motion 29.  However they have made it clear that they will respect the view of the Vestry of St Augustine’s at this time and will not request permission from the bishop.
  6. Vestry support Matthew and Claire in their leadership of the church.

Please note that Matthew and Claire, and the Vestry, are happy to receive feedback on this.