At the Site Meeting on Tuesday 08 May, the schedule of works indicated our last service in the church will be 27 May, with the first service in the Lower Hall will be on 03 June, for three Sundays, until the church work is finished – Alan Pattrick

The Lower Hall work is progressing well; the East wall is nearly complete, the electrical upgrade is complete. New fascia boards and spoutings have been installed. Painting is underway, and new toilet fittings will be installed when the new floor coverings have gone down. New entrance doors have yet to be installed. The church organ is being removed to facilitate repairs to the church building, with the components stored in a container. The container will be taken away for storage for about four weeks, before reinstallation.

Enviromaster have quoted approximately $11500 to install heat-pump heating.  A decision needs to be made whether we can fund this now or later. (We will need to heat the hall for the three services in June).  There are alternative methods, hiring gas-blowers or possibly several small electric heaters. (the heat requirement is 25 KWh, so this last option may not be viable)

Whiteware has been ordered for the Lower Hall, fridge, range, dishwasher & waste disposer. We have also ordered a new cooker for the Vicarage. Total cost, excluding GST $4160. (This was with $2167 discount from Smith City Market, thanks to Grant Radford)

Drainage: There is ongoing work by CPT to find a solution for the drainage at the north side of the church property.

For the services in the Lower Hall we will need to provide transport to and from the hall and the street for those who cannot walk up or down the slope. (there may yet be an option of using the Hannan Centre for the 8am and possibly the 9:15 services)

Church Roof: The roofing contractors have repaired parts of the roof, the leaks seem to have stopped. But they have flagged serious concerns with the North face slates.  These slates are in very poor condition and they recommend replacement.  Possibly these slates are the remnant of the original 1900s roof.  The quote from Superior Roofing is approximately $20000. This excludes $4000 of scaffolding, which at the moment is erected for the earthquake repairs.  A decision needs to be made as to whether we can fund this now, or defer it.

Bell-Tower: Peter Hawker, of Stuart Manning Architects reported that the tower is in very poor shape.  There is timber water-damage and rusting of the metal cladding.  A thorough repair is above the $10000 allocated for the tower in the scope of works.  He is investigating a cheap solution to cover us for another 4-5 years, before we will need a thorough repair.  There are Heritage issues with the tower, as well.

Basement kitchen (Black Hole): Margaret, Vince Williamson and I have removed most of the things out of the room, prior to the floor-repairs.  We still have to remove the partition and shelving.  I will ask CPT to arrange the work asap after that.  They will need to screen the area off to remove asbestos.  I will try to get CPT to start the work on a Monday, when the staff are away. (it may take two days to remove the asbestos)

Vestry Room: this room will need a clear-out for the carpet removal.

Vicarage: Ascot TV have repaired the TV antenna outlets and installed another outlet.  A window repair company are to inspect defects in some windows and catches on Monday 14 May.  The kitchen oven is to be replaced with a new wall oven, purchased with the other whiteware from Smiths City Market.