Our world and our lives change at an ever faster pace, but how do we respond to this change? Are new ways of being church possible? What could mission look like?

We are running a course called ‘Mission Shaped Intro’. Used by 75,000 people worldwide the course will help us to reconnect with our communities and re-imagine the forms of church that are needed in the 21st century. It will take us on a creative and reflective journey (using discussion, film clips and prayer) looking at the need for new ways of being church.

It will be a relaxed and fun time learning together, led by Rev Matthew and Rev Claire!

We have already held the first of this six-session course which starts at 19:00, lasting 90 minutes, with tea and coffee and will be held in the Hannan centre or Lower Hall.

There is a $5 donation towards for the study material.

If you are still keen to join us, please let the office know so we can cater.


Remaining Dates:  Tuesdays:  29th May, 12th June, 19th June, 26th June, 3rd July

We would like to encourage everyone to come along and imagine!