How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news – Isaiah 52:7

Quote: The world honours its own but God gives eternity to His!

Our Friends in Central Asia: News at last! “Recently I met with a couple who had taken part in the seed project.  They had received a loan to start a small agricultural project.  They purchased a calf and a pregnant cow which subsequently gave birth.  During the year they raised the two calves, then sold them and subsequently repaid the loan.  They were able to retain the cow & enjoy a profit from sale of milk.

More exciting than this, is how God has been using this couple.  On their arrival at this rural town our friends had a $1000 Samaritan’s Purse, gifts to share with families.  In seeking permission they wanted to meet with the Iman at the Mosque and the town’s Mayor.

The Iman was familiar with this strategy and asked. “Is it true that you just use these gifts to evangelise children?” Ray responded, “If you are afraid, we are OK with that – we can take the gifts to another village”.  At this point the Mayor jumped in suggesting the Iman be quiet, saying “No, no don’t go – we give you permission to distribute them here!”

This group had previously received funding through Barnabas Fund which enabled them to purchase a tractor which has helped the small number of local believers.  However, with a plough they could do so much more.  Research has revealed a plough cost about US$6000. We have received generous contributions of about $3000.  We are praying that God would provide the outstanding amount and so enable us to help Ray & Gill.

Matters for prayer: Aigul – sister of new believer is causing trouble. PP that Ray & Gill have wisdom in dealing with her, & for her salvation. Building their house: pray for funding to complete same. PP also for five new believers – so that the community would continue to see changes in them and be attracted to the light of Christ that they see in them.”

John Morrison Memorial Home: “Greetings in Jesus name form M. M. Home. Thanks for the mail & prayers for us.  We have received kind help for 5 children quarterly average NZ$425 from St Augustine’s Church to maintain the following. (1.) To feed breakfast, dinner to M.M. Home children. (2.) To pay the school fees, uniform, casual dress, hygiene & school stationary etc. (3.) To pay Cook for preparing breakfast & dinner etc. 4. To look after unseen expenses like sickness, accidents etc.  Nathan & Sabita ask us to pray for: increase funding for at least 50 children to revive MM Home. This would assist in reducing maintenance cost. 2. Pray also for maintenance of huge MM Home complex. 3. PP for electricity bill, currently $NZ36 per month. 4. Pray for Rev. Nathan & Sabita Hazra, their personal needs.”

Our resident ChCh friend who has visited the Home several times reports that threats & intimidation have come upon Nathan & the Home.  They have found safe houses for some of the children & have had to take a very low key approach to fostering children.  Evidently many stories circulate via older children who sought employment outside the Home.  Some are positive, some quite negative.  Space forbids further discussion here!  Please Pray.

Akesters in Africa: “Our Muslim friend, Shuffaa, had been admitted to hospital during the night. In the morning we prayed for her in Jesus’ name then visited her in the afternoon; she was much better & expecting to be discharged.  Shuffaa has had so many accidents & much illness in the short time that we have known her & she knows that Jesus has healed her each time.  She knows a lot about the resurrection power of Jesus, but her large extended family are strong Muslims.  Shuffaa would not want to be separated from them.

Please remember her in your prayers. Isaiah 53 vs 2.”