– From Alan Pattrick
Repairs are continuing on the Lower Hall.
The Lower Hall Betterment works are proving to be more expensive than expected. Claire Bickers and I have already approved additional work of replacement of the soffits, fascia boards and spouting. The scrap copper spouting has fetched $329 to put back into the building fund.
The brickwork repairs are proceeding. The work appears to be of a really good standard. Some old bricks have been re used. The pointing work that I have seen is excellent. There is a plan to paint the finished exterior. Perhaps we can review whether we need to paint, when the brickwork repairs are complete.
We will need more funds over the amount in the contingency planning that was in the total that we gave to CPT for the betterment works.
Aidan, at CPT estimates us to be about $500 over our contingency funds, not counting the actual extra costs of repairing the East wall and any electrical upgrade.

At present we are awaiting an estimate for the East wall repair.
The engineer reported that: “One of the main full height studs has a fracture in it and this is the main source of movement. There is considerable borer and some rot evident in the wall framing.” The engineer’s preliminary thoughts are to re build wall completely with some additional steel stiffening installed as well. There will be some CPT component to help fund the East wall repair, as the cracked stud is considered to be earthquake related.

The Lower Hall electrics need upgrading, this would be needed to allow for heating the Hall.
The Sparky did say that there were deficiencies in the Hall’s old wiring that needed fixing, as well. The electrical upgrade quote was around $9500. Aidan at CPT suggested adding $3000 to that for replacing the old dodgy rubber wiring, etc.
We plan to heat the Hall by heat-pump, and any funding and installation for that can wait until the repairs/betterment are complete.
Once the Lower Hall is complete, we will need to fund new appliances for the modernised kitchen.