How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news – Isaiah 52:7 

 Our Friends in Central Asia: Life has settled down to normal routines for our family after earlier concerns re Sophia.  Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support –   Sasha           Joshua      Reuben      Catherine       Sophia & Chris.

 John Morrison Memorial Home: Greetings in Jesus name from MM Home.

Thanks for the mail & prayers for us. Soon we will write to you. Nathan & Sabita

 McCormick’s in Cambodia: Anne & Anthony are thankful for God’s enabling and financial provision, enabling them to move ahead with their respective programs.  PP for Judy (ChCh) volunteering in Anne’s programme until mid-April.  Pray also for Anthony and Sothea, his translator as they travel to Siem Reap to deliver a course of training to two NGOs based there, and for Anne in Batttambang, while Ants is away.  Pray also for a good time of fellowship with Mike & Ruth Robb, CMS Personnel Managers, visiting them briefly this month.

 Akesters in Africa: Hi everyone. May this Easter be a glorious celebration of new life in Jesus Christ.  The children will be singing on Easter Sunday as they dance up the aisle of Kondoa Cathedral: Alleluia Bwana! Ameshinda Kifo! Kweli! Yesu amefufuka! Translated Hallelujah Lord! He has conquered death! It’s true! Jesus has risen!

Observations: we had torrential rain for three weeks in March.  Puddles and a baby snake appeared in our bedroom. Our daily trot down the hill, over the rickety ole bridge and up the other side became quite the adventure!  Throughout it all our peanut plant, tomatoes, green and red pepper plants continue to thrive.  It is wonderful to harvest fresh greens from our garden every evening.

Here it is mid-term break for the two weeks over Easter. Our 2 year course students have been sent out on a mission trip to five different parishes in the Diocese.  The three year

students have headed home for time with their families, and ministry in their own parishes.

Chris has enjoyed the local children in the Sunday school every week. There was a special children’s service on the theme of creation during the world wide women’s day of prayer. The children were brilliant – singing, dancing, leading prayers and performing a small play. The Preacher that day was a boy aged ten named Clever. From a very poor family he was so amazing.  Our Good Friday service lasted for 3.5hrs.