Our Mission Family in Central Asia – During Catherine & Sophia’s recent return to NZ, Sophia was diagnosed as having atypical migraine which is a good outcome.  So Catherine and Sophia were able to Central Asia 31st December 2017.  Please continue to pray for the family.

Peter & Christine Akester in Tanzania – Please pray thanks for rain but help the congregation of Mirijo Chini village.  Their Church and vicarage has been swamped and they need to build elsewhere.  Protect the students as they make their way back to bible college in two weeks through floods and bad roads leaving their families behind.

Anne & Anthony McCormack in Cambodia – Guide Anthon and his support team as they adapt social work training and take courses early this year, a good response to train social workers.  For Anne and the team of young people helping her with rehabilitation of patients at Worldmade Hospital, plus plans for relocation of her workspace.

Finny & Latha Neelam in Southern India – They run Christian bookshops with some difficulties with Government authorities.  For their two daughters Blissy & Erica completing their education.  They are looking for an English speaking volunteer to assist in one shope and speak English to help staff improve theirs.

Paddy & T in The Gambia – They are coming to NZ in March and looking to borrow a car 16-28th March.  Bless them in their difficult work, provide care and protection in arrangements for travel.

John Morrison Memorial Home in North East India – Bless Nathan & Sabita in the difficult current situation of having financial support withdrawn and the children’s workers there, protect and provide fore them.

Thank you for being partners in prayer, from the S.T.A.M.P. group.