The action continues for Paddy and T with now four men under investigation related to the sexual violation of multiple victims that are now being supported.  One has admitted to part of the charge and is up on Capital charges  But justice doesn’t happen easily in The Gambia with ‘Christian Nigerians’ trying to raise funds to bribe police and a Government and police force with no resources  around human trafficking or victim support.

The US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report on The Gambiareports that one person in The Gambia was convicted of human trafficking in 2017 (with the help of NGOs) which was the first in four years.

Paddy and T continue with the Girls Clubs in Schools, supporting the girls who have suffered, running art therapy, liaising with police, and unfortunately looking for new premises after being forced out of their last premises due to complaints from an “evil” tenant.  Their prayerful perspective is however that this is the catalyst for buying permanent premises.  The cost of suitable premises for them to live and  for people seeking refuge, plus to do ministry is in the hundreds of thousands of New Zealand Dollars.  They intend to sell their Catlins haven to be able to partly fund it and are seeking a life-term lease arrangement on a small cottage or something in NZ.

Prayer requests include discerning His will for which property (no short timeframe, they have got up-to 6 months to find a place), the future house sale and what God wants them to do or not do, about any buying price in The Gambia.  A sexual abuse counsellor to join them.  For the abusers to admit guilt (and thus save very scared, embarrassed children form having to give evidence in a Gambian courtroomFor Truesella to establish legal pathways for these sorts of situations. For more leads to pay off and gratitude for the lives that are being changed. Prayers of thanks for Paddy and T’s 4th brand new grandson John Michael Chrisp.

Paddy and T are back later in March for a month of break and catching up.  Would anyone have a car available to them from 16-28 March when they are based from Chch?